Faith makes us understand that there is something incomprehensible.

 Welcome to the Traveler Faith Community.

 We are happy that you found your way to us.  And now have fun exploring our world.

 We are travelers, a community of faith based on scientific knowledge, spiritual experiences and life-affirming commandments.

 If you can identify with us, then nothing stands in the way of your registration with us.  You can find the registration form here on this page.

 "Believe in it and you're halfway there."

 1: Free your mind from greed, selfishness, blockages and prejudices.

 2: Cleanse your mind of poisons that have been given to you so far.

 3: Open your mind to life in the subsequent universes.

 4: rid your body of toxins.

 5: Keep your body away from chemistry and changing substances as much as you can.

 6: Always decide according to your own feelings and do not let yourself be guided by external things.

 7: Always be selfless and honorable.

 8: Meet everyone equally, regardless of their religion or skin color.

 9: Be aware of your energy, which you can guide and release.

 10: Everything good, but also everything bad that you do in this universe, will also happen to you in the new universes.

 11: Protect the environment, the plant and animal kingdoms.

 12: Protect yourself and those around you from hatred, violence and the influence of third parties.

 13: Always be neutral, never political or fanatical.

 14: Honor your creed.

 15: Your belief is not accidental, but fate - so confess it.

 16: Give others access to your faith.

 17: Medical interventions, medication, operations, vaccinations and other conventional medical methods must be carried out voluntarily, without pressure or coercion.  Vaccinations are very critical as they affect the integrity of the body.  These are not permissible in our belief.

 18: Blood transfusions are currently a very controversial issue.  Please discuss this with us personally.

 19: Physical and psychological violence against people will not be tolerated.  This immediately leads to exclusion from our community and possibly to a criminal complaint.

 20: Naturopathy always takes precedence over conventional medical methods.

 21: Violence against others and oneself is not allowed.

 22: Live with a free spirit and let everyone else live free too.